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Fancy getting fitter for the mighty Swanbourne Endeavour?

Endeavour Swanbourne, Sunday 22nd October 2017

Rumble Fitness are a limited company who provide training and conditioning in a revolutionary way that can help build confidence and mental toughness as well as physical improvements to strength, body composition and similar. Operating in the style of an Academy Rumble Fitness aim to improve the lives of every member whilst following a grading system that can help achieve success at every stage of improvement. Alongside the training academy Rumble Fitness also run Fitness competitions and events where members and others can test themselves to the limit to see how far they have come and where their fitness levels can be tested.
The Rumble Fitness trainers are competitors themselves, placing in the top 10% of their national races. Their classes are held outdoors and also at their indoor bespoke training facility in Swanbourne, the official Nuts Challenge site and many more wonderful places…..and  THE TRAFALGAR ZONE on the Swanbourne Endeavour Course … for bespoke training and a sneak preview of some of the course – get in touch on the numbers above.

As experienced and high ranking (top 10% finishers) mud run competitors ourselves, they ensure that you are trained to complete the obstacles, with techniques and training that replicate what you can expect at each event.

You don’t need to compete to train with them, but if you want to, Rumble Fitness will make sure that you have all the tools and techniques needed to do so.

Its not star jumps and squats in a field with them!